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"May they, of whatever age, recognize in the sounds and the songs of great music the infinite range within which they can identify themselves in voice and feeling, and the means and ways that reveal that, while remaining individuals, they are forever part of a universe in which music and life are one and the same thing."

Yehudi Menuhin


Dedicated to bringing music performed at the highest level directly to schools.

The Program is designed to Enlighten and Inspire.

The first part – Enlighten – a masterclass mentoring encounter for selected students and others by the artist.

The second part – Inspire – exposing the younger generation, as well as the wider school community and public, to the glamour and excitement of great music presented in a gala concert in their own school hall.

Both elements have proven inspiring and exciting for the students and for the school communities – at Camberwell Grammar, Strathcona, Kilvington, Korowa, Melbourne High and St. Margaret's Berwick.


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